Thursday, 26 April 2018

Exploring The “Route Des Navigateurs”

Route Des Navigateurs Brochure
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It was the title of the colourful brochure that caught my eye, “Route Des Navigateurs”.  I had been wandering around a visitor information office in downtown Montreal, perusing racks of tourist pamphlets, looking for inspiration. My wife, Maureen and I had just spent several glorious days exploring the wonders and attractions of Quebec’s largest city. Now, it was time to move on. Our next stop was Quebec City, then on to the Gaspe. The quickest and most expedient route was the multi-laned Trans-Canada highway but, that wasn’t our style. This blog is about routes less travelled and that’s what I hoped to find when I picked up the pamphlet.

The title, roughly translated meant, “Route of the Navigators” or “Route of the Explorers”. In my mind’s eye, this evoked images of great French navigators like Samuel de Champlain or Jacque Cartier. I felt an immediate connection. After all, weren’t they and modern day RV’ers kindred spirits, motivated by the same desire to see what lay over the horizon or around the next bend? Naturally, I picked it up.